Hire the best candidates to remain a leader in your industry.

Talent Management

Anticipate and ensure your company’s future with the best talent internally & from the market.


Develop your employees’ best performance.




My name is Rabia MARKOU.

I help you to identify and develop high potential talent for your business by recruiting the best candidates to meet your company goals.

My expertise is the result of 11 years in recruitment in different industries.

My target: Middle and Senior Managers.

Work with We’r Talent & get all of my passion, experience, and energy every time.

We’R Talent.



Differentiate yourself by making human capital a performance driver !

How do I help you do this ?

 By demonstrating expert knowledge of your environment and your recruitment needs.

By using the right tools to source potential candidates searching for a new opportunity.

By mining social networks to uncover hidden talent that can deliver the results your business needs.

Make the difference
Attract the best talents.

Talent Management

The talent you need may already be working for you! Stand out from your competitors and attract the right candidates by implementing a talent management policy.

The result? Ensure the loyalty of your employees, as well as develop and anticipate your future talent needs with succession plans that work. Believe me, the return on investment will be quick and your business will be even stronger.

Boost the attractiveness of your employer brand

Map your employees’ skills and establish succession plans

Reduce recruitment costs by creating clear career paths

Retain employees through development and training

Reduce turnover

Directly impact employee performance and productivity

Stand out from the competition by creating a culture of talent development

Anticipate organizational risks

Retain employees
Assign the perfect people for the right task


Optimizing your employees’ performance through ongoing development is a win-win situation.
How? By building customized training plans with consistent follow up.

The benefits for the employee

Clear Confidence and a desire to excel

Improved productivity and performance with positive impact on results

Deeper company pride & loyalty

Stronger employer brand

A unique methodology

Diagnostic phase
I’ll be on the ground to become the expert on open positions. I’ll measure skill development and team performance (talent identification).

Individual interviews
I’ll interview different departments and the HR team about career path effectiveness.

Final assessment
I’ll map out the strengths and areas of improvement of the departments & team structure.

Take the plunge

Contact me. I’ll be delighted to meet you and support your future projects.

We’r Talent has no boundaries. Wherever you are, I will be at your service.